Meet your instructor

Family Man, Paramedic, Educator, Public Speaker, Rehab Assistant, and Sports Trainer.

Justin has been a jack of all trades in the healthcare industry since 2006. With a growing passion for teaching, he is continuously looking for training opportunities to expand his educational portfolio.

He is a Primary Care Paramedic, working actively within multiple rural communities in Alberta and has opened up his services to South Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Team Lead will travel in order to give his clients their on-location training experience.

Prior to his career move to EMS, Justin has had an extensive background in Muscular Skeletal injury prevention and Rehabilitation working as a Sports Trainer with Edmonton Hockey and St.Albert Lacrosse Teams, Rehabilitation Assistant and a Wellness Technician in Pulmonary, Audiometric and Occupational Vision Assessments

With such an extensive background, First Aid instruction and CPR/AED practices come all but naturally and the delivery is always custom tailored to his clientele leaving them satisfied and confident to take control in any emergency situation.

Education, On Location

Make training easier with the mobile classroom.

Running a business where staff must be trained? Having a hard time booking times and finding the right location?

Team Lead : CPR & First Aid Training Services provides it all.

Owned and Operated by an Alberta Paramedic, we will teach the finer aspects of First Aid & CPR treatments, techniques using evidence based approaches and theory.

We travel to You!

Have a Business in Calgary? Red Deer? Lethbridge? Canmore?

Travel is no issue, when it comes to low-cost expenses and corporate rate incentives

Teaching the 'New' Essential Life Skill

Do you know how to change a tire or light bulb?  

Know how to fill up your gas tank or change the oil? 

How about your taxes, or the multiplication table?

The point I am trying to make is that as we grew up, some of these were staples of common knowledge. 

Simple things that we should all learn and know how to do.

Ask yourself, if an emergency happens, and someones heart stops beating. Be it your family member, co-worker, a friend, a strangers child...are you confident to not only do CPR, but delegate people to call 911 and find you and AED? 

Are you able to take charge and use the training and tools you never hoped to have ever used?

Team Lead wants to train you for just that. 

Not just build the foundation and skills taught in the class room, but to paint a picture of how the scene can play out. The statistics of how your actions can help change the outcome and give someone their best chance to surviving.

Our mission is to make CPR and AED training the new generational common knowledge.

CPR is a life skill. Period.